Project Score

Project SCORE (Sport COnnect and REspect) was developed in October 2010. The 4 C’s framework (confidence, connection, competence, and character) is used as a platform to teach positive development through sport. Project SCORE has developed into a key resource for coaches, athletes, and parents. The goal is to support the growth of youth through sport and life through deliberate delivery in sport programs and helping parents support these lessons outside of sport. On this site, you will find a ‘Coaches Locker Room’ with information and activities for coaches related to the growth of the 4 C’s. There are also very easy ‘SCORE Plays’ that coaches can use and integrate into practices. The site also features a ‘Parent Lounge’. This lounge provides parents with ideas of how to support the development of the 4 C’s and reinforce lessons learned in sport.

Sport Information Resource Centre

Incorporated in 1973, SIRC, the Sport Information Resource Centre, has been the leading and most trusted source to learn, share and support Canada’s sport community for over 40 years.  We are committed to engaging with organizations and individuals involved in, or responsible for the development of, sport and fitness in Canada and around the world, to enhance the capacity of our shared community to foster growth and the pursuit of excellence.

True Sport

True Sport is a series of programs and initiatives designed to give people, communities and organizations the means by which to leverage the many benefits of sport from a platform of shared values and principles. True Sport wants to create good sport communities from coast to coast because we know that good sport can make a great difference in the lives of our kids, and we believe that the way we play together shapes how we live together.

Other Organizations

SNK Center

The SNK Center is a sport center based in Spain who are interested in creating/promoting a network (Spanish/Europe context) that integrates institutions and experts who share a common concern: the educational quality of sport programs. Currently they offer a holistic soccer program aimed at teaching soccer skills while also fostering PYD.